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Lipomas, benign fatty tumors, are common, but that doesn’t mean you have to like them. The experienced team at Progressive Surgical Care, with New York offices in Forest Hills, New Hyde Park, Long Island and Howard Beach, Queens, specializes in the management of lipomas and can provide you the care you need to manage or remove them. For an evaluation of your benign fatty tumor, call the office today to book an appointment.

Lipoma Q & A

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a ball of fatty tissue that grows under the skin. You can develop a lipoma in any part of your body, but they’re most commonly found in your trunk, shoulders, armpits, and neck. Lipomas are benign tumors, which means they’re not cancerous and, in most cases, won’t turn into cancer.

Lipomas are common, affecting about 1% of the population in the United States. With lipomas, you can have one fatty tumor or several fatty tumors. You may be at risk of developing lipomas if they run in your family. Physical trauma may also increase your risk of developing the growth.  Weight loss may make the lipomas more visible.

Lipomas don’t usually cause discomfort unless they press on or irritate a nerve or you have blood vessels running through them.

How are lipomas diagnosed?

Your specialist at Progressive Surgical Care may be able to diagnose your lipoma during your physical exam and palpation of the growth. However, to confirm that your growth is, in fact, a lipoma, diagnostic imaging, such as a CT scan, ultrasound or MRI, may also be recommended. In some cases, a biopsy of the tissue may be needed.

What treatments are available for my lipoma?

Treatment for your lipoma may depend on its size and location, and how it affects your quality of life. Lipomas aren’t dangerous, and if it isn’t interfering with your daily activities, your specialist at Progressive Surgical Care may take a wait-and-see approach.

However, if your lipoma is large, increasing in size, causing you pain, or you simply don’t like how it makes you look, your specialist can remove the lipoma. While liposuction can remove the fat from a benign tumor, it doesn’t guarantee that the lipoma won’t grow back.

To ensure your lipoma doesn’t come back, the specialists at Progressive Surgical Care can remove the entire tumor from your body through mini-incisions. This procedure may require a small incision large enough to remove the fatty tissue.

Lipomas aren’t dangerous to your health, but you may not like how they look or feel. For an evaluation of your lipoma and a treatment plan that can provide lasting results, call Progressive Surgical Care today or book an appointment online.